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The Planning Process


Obtaining Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval are two separate processes – the Planning Department are concerned with how a property looks, whether neighbours are affected and the local “street scene”.  Building Control are concerned with how something is built, fire regulations, safety and insulation.




If you intend to build a new dwelling you will require planning permission. You will also require planning permission if you want to make certain changes or extend your property depending on the size of the extension and where this is to be located. 


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You may be able to extend your property under Permitted Development, there are certain advantage to this – Permitted Development is based on a strict set of criteria and not the opinion of Planning Officers or neighbours ( the exception to this is the new larger extension allowance of 6/8m)


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Applying for Building Regulations approval is a completely separate process to obtaining Planning Permission. Building Regulations are concerned with how a building is constructed.


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